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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Words, Snatched.

I wish I can say a word about what's happening here, but I can't. What is happening cannot be translated into words now, not in 2006. I am thankful that other bloggers have their way with words and can better desctribe the bitter taste in Lebanon, begining from July 12.

Here is part of an e-mail that I sent to a friend who stayed in Beirut for a few days, as part of her vacation, and returned to Canada just 3 days before this hell started.


"Hi there Layalo,

Thanks for asking about us dearie, yehp we are okay (so far)…but the situation is unbearable nerves wise….seeing all that infrastructure getting ruined in just 4 days, hearing the terrible sounds, just like the 1982 invasion, seeing how the world watches what’s going on as if it was some kind of a thriller movie, the people dying, is just too much (..............)

I looked today at your house and saw no lights, so I suppose Ammo Adnan is in Syria with Auntie Nada? Hope so….whoever gets to leave this country should just evacuate.

Anyway, I’m glad that you got to see this bright touristic face of Lebanon, the happy country with all sorts of people strolling in Beirut….3an jadd, now I’m so happy that you left before this Pandora’s box opened.


Here are the pictures (!)…I can’t believe that we took these pictures just a week ago; it can’t be the same country that is struggling right now."



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