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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Quote مسلسلاتي

صحيح حزنك شيء نبيل
لكن مش ح يحلّ مشاكلك
~ مقتطع من مسلسل سارة ~


  • so true. i need to hear that at the moment :)

    By Blogger Eve, at 8:26 PM  

  • Very nice quote; stop grieving and start thinking. :P

    By Blogger a h m a d, at 10:30 PM  

  • Believe me guys, I wrote this quote on the mirror in my bathroom to see it everyday :)

    By Blogger Unruly Spring, at 2:48 AM  

  • hehe, habbeit l fikra, i should do that :p

    By Blogger Eve, at 6:22 PM  

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